Improving medical device cleanability and durability

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The proper cleaning of equipment has never been more critical. That’s why there has been such a tremendous response to the expanded portfolio of Eastman Tritan MXF copolyesters for medical device housings and hardware. (For more information on the challenges facing the medical market, scroll down to the November 22, 2019, blog or check out this webinar.)
When the expanded Eastman MXF portfolio was launched at MD&M West 2020, device makers and molders immediately saw the advantages of the disinfectant-ready polymers, including:   
• Measurable and outstanding disinfectant resistance      
• Higher flow options to fill complex or existing tooling
• Higher impact strength options for added durability
• Fully compounded, stable colors
• Similar shrinkage to PC/ABS—potential to use existing tools
• UL 94 V-2 flame retardant rating
The portfolio has also received favorable reviews like this from the medical industry media.
Compared to other medical polymers, Tritan MXF copolyesters can reduce repairs, returns, and warranty claims related to breakage and premature failure. MXF polymers can also reduce the need for multiple polymers in an assembly, saving money and providing consistent results.
Best of all, the MXF portfolio lets manufacturers enhance their brand image and customer confidence by translating improved cleanability, durability, and reliability into longer warranties. Case in point: after switching all monitor housings in North America to the MXF portfolio, Mindray was able to extend their warranties from one year to five years.
For more information about the Tritan MXF portfolio and to see head-to-head comparisons with other medical polymers, download our new literature or contact an Eastman customer service representative today.