Making the switch to Tritan™ MXF copolyester

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Custom molder Plastic Injection Molding, Inc. (PIM) learned just how easy it was to transition from PC/ABS to Eastman Tritan™ MXF copolyester. PIM made the switch for a project that was initiated by an OEM that furnishes patient-care equipment to hospitals. By converting to Tritan MXF using its existing molds, PIM experienced few processing trade-offs and was able meet the customer’s need for greater chemical resistance to a wider range of disinfectants.

The expanded portfolio of Tritan MXF copolyesters for electronic medical device housings and hardware are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of patient-care hospital equipment. These disinfectant-ready polymers offer a unique blend of processing and performance properties, including clarity, toughness, and heat and chemical resistance. They can also often be substituted into existing molds with minimal adjustments to processing parameters.

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