To optimize medical devices, start with optimal materials.

Injection molders play a unique role in creating stronger, safer medical devices. Molders often have the best understanding of newer materials—and are in the best position to know which materials to use to optimize the performance of both new and existing designs.
Molders and brand owners typically consider the full range of materials for a totally new product. In addition, brand owners frequently work with molders to optimize an existing device by replacing incumbent materials that have fallen behind the healthcare industry’s need for reliability, regulatory compliance, and chemical resistance to hospital disinfectants and cleaners.
Eastman helps molders and brand owners optimize performance through innovative materials and technical support.
Innovative materials
•  The growing portfolio of medical grade Eastman Tritan MXF copolyesters offer a wide range of disinfectant-ready polymers for clear and opaque applications.
•  Eastman medical grade polymers can optimize performance, simplify processing, and improve patient safety through:
  • Superior chemical resistance and impact strength
  • Reduced repairs, returns, and warranty claims
  • Compliance with specific industry regulations
  • Fully compounded one-pellet solutions
  • Post-sterilization clarity (transparent formulations)
  • Reduced scrap waste
  • Excellent characteristics for secondary applications and accelerated aging
  • Precise replication of tooling features in the molded parts
Technical support
•  Eastman has robust technical resources to help ensure you’re using the optimal polymer for the application and molding conditions. 
•  For example:
  • Prior to testing and sampling, the Eastman Design Center can review both part and tooling designs.
  • Eastman can provide mold-filling simulations to help you evaluate processability of candidate materials.
  • Eastman can help identify design changes that can be made prior to cutting/tooling to save prototyping costs and get products to market more efficiently.
  • Eastman can provide valuable expertise to help optimize secondary processes.
Are you making the most of the medical devices you’re molding? Optimal materials and expertise from Eastman can help you deliver all the performance designed into today’s advanced products. Join us at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West 2020, February 11–13, to learn the latest. And follow Eastman Medical Polymers on LinkedIn for updates on what we’ll be showcasing at MD&M West 2020.