A preferred supplier that goes the extra mile

At Eastman, we go above and beyond the typical duties of a preferred supplier. Unlike many of our competitors, Eastman provides you with regulatory and technical services to help you through the manufacturing process—at no extra cost to you. This guidance, along with access to our high quality, innovative materials, will elevate your brand and ensure that you’re optimizing our polymers for your devices.
Our regulatory group stays current with global regulatory changes and makes this information readily available to the market. We provide you with all the necessary regulatory information for the safe use of our polymers, including details on compliance with Food and Drug Administration standards, chemical and mechanical properties, and more.
We also offer premium technical service for all aspects of the molding process, from conception through bringing your product to market. Eastman Design Services capabilities include:
  • Part design and existing mold design review
  • Mold-filling simulation
  • 3-D design
  • Structural finite element analysis
  • Material characterization/specialized testing
  • Stress and failure analysis
We provide material training in design, processing, and secondary operations, as well as on-site support during testing for your existing tooling. We can conduct mold-filling analysis for flow behavior and weld line location, offer shrink rate evaluation, identify cooling capabilities of the mold, and more.
Contact us today to learn more about working with Eastman.