A safer connection for stopcocks

Drug- and lipid-resistant polymers are playing an increasingly important role in enhancing patient safety. Stringent sterilization techniques can cause cracking, crazing, and hazing in commonly used plastics. They can also have a yellowing effect on certain polymers, which can impact color-coding systems in connector applications.

Eastman Tritan copolyester is resistant to a wide array of medical fluids, such as oncology drugs, drug carrier solvents, and lipids. Along with its toughness, low residual stress, and color stability post-sterilization, Tritan is an excellent choice for fluid management components.

Regulations in the medical market are constantly changing. When Elcam Medical, a world-class manufacturer of disposable medical devices for the OEM market, wanted to further improve the safety and efficacy of its fluid management devices, they turned to Eastman to find a polymer that complies with new regulations while still optimizing performance.

Working with our technical experts, Elcam developed drug- and lipid-resistant BPA-free stopcocks and connectors made with Tritan. They are designed to meet new ISO 80369 standards, which encourage worldwide consistency in small-bore connectors for liquids and gasses in healthcare applications to reduce the risk of misconnections between medical devices and accessories.
For more information about Elcam Medical and their fluid management components made with Tritan, visit www.elcam-medical.com.