Now it's easier than ever to calculate your plastics processing parameters when using Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. Simply enter your specifications—such as your cold runner weight and cycle time—and get quick results for drying time, residence time, and volume.

Part Wt. g
Cold Runner Wt. g
Cycle Time sec
# of Cavities  

Material Processing / Hour 0 lbs
Dryer Size 0 lbs
Runner System:
Part Wt. g
Cold Runner Wt. g
Cycle Time sec
# of Cavities  
Material Volume In Hot Runner cu. in
Max Rated Capacity of Machine (for PS) oz

Shot Weight 0 g

Material Processing / Hour 0 lbs
Dryer Size 0 lbs

Hot Runner Residence 0 oz
# Shots in Hot Runner 0 shots
Hot Runner Residence Time 0 min
Hot Runner Residence Time 0 sec

Machine Residence Time 0 min
Machine Residence Time 0 sec
Shot Utilization 0 %

Total System Residence Time 0 min
  0 sec
Cycle Time sec
Parts Made/Cycle  
Efficiency %
Production Hours/Day hours

Parts/min 0
Parts/hour 0
Parts/day 0
Parts/week 0
Parts/month 0
Parts/year 0

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Part Details & Mold Details

Part Name or project Name
# of Parts (Order Quantity)
Material Name
Part Weight g
Runner - (runner only wt in g) g
# of Cavities
Regrind % %
Colorant % %

Molding Details

Basic Shift Information

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# of working weeks in a Year

Processing Details

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Material Cost

Material Cost ($/ lb)
Regrind Material Cost ($/ lb)
Colorant Cost ($/ lb)

Machine & Labor Cost

Machine Hourly Rate ($/ hour)
Labour Hourly Rate ($/ hour)

Secondary Cost

Secondary Operations Cost $ per part
Inspection Cost $ per part
Packaging Cost $ per part
Other Cost $ per part
Mold Cost $ per part

Cost/part 0
Cost with scrap %/part 0
Cost per 1000 0
Cost for the Order Quoting 0

Drying time: Enter part weight, cold runner weight, cycle time, and number of cavities to get the plastic calculation to determine material processing time and dryer size.

Residence time: Enter your runner design, plastic part weight, cold runner weight, cycle time, number of cavities, and other parameters for the plastic calculation of shot utilization and weight, material processing time, hot runner residence, dryer size, total system residence time, and more.

Volume: Enter cycle time, parts made per cycle, efficiency rate, and production hours per day to determine the volume of plastic parts produced per minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.