Colorful possibilities with Eastman MXF221 copolyester

Eastman MXF221 copolyester, available as a clear-natural or opaque-colored polymer, provides excellent chemical resistance and durability and is uniquely suited for electronic medical device housings. Not only is it extremely tough and able to stand up to the daily stresses of hospital environments, but it’s also compatible with branding initiatives.
Brand owners who use opaque polymers often require precise color matching and vibrant aesthetics to maintain their brand identities. Eastman MXF221 copolyester comes in a wide array of colors with the ability to align seamlessly with any brand standards.
Eastman Color Technology Center’s color matching service is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our specialists understand that there is no universal answer to your color and additive needs and that not all blends work well with all materials. We’re able to mix colors and additives with cellulosics, copolyesters, and polyester alloys and have decades of experience producing color concentrates and additives for the polyester and copolyester markets.
By selecting the right color blend for MXF221, Eastman's Color Technology Center will work to ensure your application is successful. Learn more about our color capabilities here.