An innovative solution to medical device housing failure

As healthcare facilities ramp up the use of aggressive disinfectants, traditional plastics are feeling the strain. It’s all too common to see device housings become sticky; wear thin in high-touch areas; or crack, crumble, or shatter after only a few months of service. The issue? Devices that were designed just a few years ago are typically made with materials that lack the right combination of impact strength and chemical compatibility with today’s stringent cleaning protocols.
Eastman Tritan copolyester is an excellent choice for medical housings due to its superior toughness and high chemical resistance. Using Tritan in your device can also help prevent costly repairs and replacements, keeping patients safe and customers happy.
In our webinar “Many Medical Hardware Housing Complaints. One New Technology Solution,” we share an in-depth look at how device performance is being compromised by the increased use of aggressive disinfectants and how material choice can make a key difference in device success.
Watch it on demand to learn more about:
  • The true cause of part failures and how to address it
  • Strategies to improve device reliability, reduce repair costs, and extend product life
  • Test results comparing Tritan’s performance with that of traditional housing materials