Secure connections for safer devices

Small-bore connectors are important components of many enteral feeding devices. Good design is critical, as tubing misconnections or failure can put patients at risk for serious injury or death.

Global design standards for tubing connectors are now helping improve patient safety and device efficacy. ISO 80369 requires small-bore connectors to be made of semirigid and rigid materials, making incorrect interconnections less likely. Enteral devices were the first of all the clinical applications to undergo this change.
To meet this standard, you may have to adjust your design, which means you may need a new mold or new materials. Eastman Tritan copolyester is a rigid material with the properties needed to comply with these regulations.

BPA-free Tritan demonstrates excellent chemical resistance, toughness, and color stability post-sterilization. It also helps maintain device safety and efficacy by ensuring that connecting parts retain their shape, dimension, and clarity during and after sterilization.

Using a rigid material that won’t be compromised by sterilization helps ensure patient safety and the efficacy of your device. Contact us for more information on switching to Tritan.