Working together to solve medical device challenges

Molders and brand owners come to us for many different reasons during the developmental journey of a medical device.
•  You may have a totally new device and want the best-fit polymer to optimize its performance advantages.
•  Your current material may not have the chemical resistance and toughness to meet changing hospital disinfectant protocols and more powerful drugs and carrier solvents.
•  Recent regulations may be driving the need for more compliant materials. 
Whatever the challenge, working with Eastman lets you access technical expertise and support every step of the way—to help position your device for end-state success.
By collaborating early and often during product development and manufacturing, we can help you work with product engineers, toolmakers, and downstream assembly partners to bring your project to market efficiently and profitably.  

Here are a few of the benefits of working together with Eastman:
Design Center expertise—Eastman Design Center engineers can provide mold-filling simulation support as well as stress analysis of the proposed parts.
– This can help reduce problems related to gating, plastic flow path, knit lines, and air traps.
– Early identification allows design changes before tooling to reduce costs and time.
On-site technical support—Eastman can provide on-site support to help you maintain polymer properties while making the most of your molding conditions. This is especially valuable if you’re not experienced working with our medical copolyesters.
Post-molding testing—We can offer molecular weight analysis and other post-molding testing of the molded parts to make sure the Eastman copolyester is processing as expected. Ongoing monitoring helps validate performance consistent with that received during qualification.    
Downstream handling advice—Eastman can provide expertise in downstream handling of molded parts, including joining, decorating, and mechanical assembly into your final product.
What challenges are your medical devices facing today—and in the future? Eastman is dedicated to listening to our partners, understanding their unique challenges, and sharing world-class expertise that can impact product safety and success.
Contact an Eastman customer service representative today.